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The Sustainable Tourism Training Program (STTP) provides the necessary knowledge and resources to help improve sustainability practices in businesses and tourist destinations.


The course is designed based on the Sustainable Tourism Criteria of the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council), criteria that constitute a frame of reference to define standards of tourism sustainability worldwide.


The program in all its versions is designed to address technical concepts of sustainable tourism (GSTC Criteria) and real case studies where the practical application of the GSTC Criteria can be seen in companies and tourist destinations.


In practical terms there are 3 modalities to carry out the training programs, below we share details of each of them.

Face-to-face courses that combine exhibition classes in the classroom with practical field trips.

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Next course

September 22th to October 22th of 2021

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We organize courses adapted to the times and needs of the industry

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Face-to-face course
Virtual course
Personalized course

The face-to-face course lasts 3 days and is developed by combining classroom theoretical classes with practical workshops, question-answer dynamics (Q&A) and field activities.


The course can be realized in every Latin American country and the Caribbean in Spanish language.

The virtual course (online) has a duration of 4 weeks in which videoconferences are held to review theoretical contents, self-learning activities in the form of commissions and real case studies.


The online course modality allows to reduce execution costs and expand the number of participants from different Latin American countries.



For further information, download the following document. (only available in spanish)

The customized courses of the sustainable tourism training program are adapted to the requirements of a company or destination. They can be from a morning of work to 1 week of training, in person, virtual or a mixture of both modalities.

 The objective is to adapt to the specific time and requirements of the company or destination.

For further information download the following document. (only available in spanish)

Everyone who completes the training program (STTP) can take an exam to prove their learning and obtain a certificate issued by the GSTC.*



The exam is available only in English and has an additional cost to the training program

If you still have doubts, check out this video that will help you to understand in greater depth the objectives of training in sustainable tourism.

Registration of the course is done directly with the GSTC.

For more information, please write to training@gstcouncil.org or visit the program’s official website: