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Area of Tourist Interest Cape Horn

In 2017 we began the work of tourism planning based on the ZOIT instrument in the most southern commune in the world, Cape Horn in the region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica.


The process was mandated by the Municipality of Cape Horn with funding from the Undersecretary of Regional Development and acted as a technical counterpart the National Tourism Service of Magallanes.


The facilitation process had the active participation of the Tourism Chamber of Cape Horn, the Association of Tourism Entrepreneurs Cape Horn, the Club of Elderly Rosa Yagan, the Yagan Community "Bahía Mejillones", Carabineros, CONAF, the Chilean Antarctic Provincial Government and the Chilean Navy, which made it possible to design an instrument with a multidisciplinary vision for sustainable local development.


Cape Horn presents, regarding its geographical characteristics, particularities that made the process a constant -and magnificent- challenge.

First, the Cape Horn commune is Yagan territory, and the Bahía de Mejillones community represents the Yagan families that keep the culture alive on Navarino Island. Therefore, everything that has to do with local development, to be responsible and sustainable, had to have the special consideration of the Yagan Community "through appropriate procedures and in particular through its representative institutions" (OIT, 1989). On the other hand, the Cape Horn commune is a territory bordering the south of the country, which makes the territory an area of interest for national sovereignty, a question that translates into a strong naval presence and in areas that are banned for tourism development. Finally, the territory has conservation credentials that imply a double effort to design planning instruments that are framed in the declarations of Biosphere Reserve and today -a posteriori- Marine Park.


Cape Horn obtained the ZOIT award decree on August 12, 2019.

Polygon map decreed ZOIT: 
Polígono ZOIT Cabo de Hornos
Photographs from the process:

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